• High School for boys and girls from 15

    Academic school year or semester in Ireland

    Ireland has become a very popular destination for pupils who would like to attend High School away from home, either for a full school year or just for a semester.


    This is a unique, once in a lifetime, opportunity to learn perfect English in an authentic native environment during the normal school cycle.
    No better country than Ireland to perfect your English, Ireland has turned out 4 Nobel Prize winners in Literature!


    The personal challenge to live in a new culture and experience the similarities and differences of customs and traditions is one which has attracted some remarkable young boys and girls to join our High School programme. Not only will High School provide the enthusiastic student with an opportunity to achieve an academic advantage, but also to realise new heights in personal development and self confidence.

    High School – a Lesson for Life!

    This Lesson could be the most important discovery for the ambitious student who wants to excel in school and later life.
    The successful High School programme requires two important components -a suitable school at the right level and a nice host family or a residential college where the student feels happy and at home.
    Taking into account the student´s personality and wishes, we will recommend the very best option for a successful High School experience.

    Make it a success! – Please let us advise you and help you!

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