• Intensive Language Weeks

    Intensive Language Weeks are available during the school year and in the summer.

    The aim of these school related trips is to boost the students´ English skills in a very short time by being immersed totally in the English language:

    • Focused English classes
    • English by speaking – communicative method
    • Cultural activities and trips in English
    • Living with a hostfamily

    All courses offer a minimum of 15 lessons of English tuition each week. The communicative method of language teaching aims especially to improve the students´ speaking skills and offers the opportunity to practise pronunciation and communication skills in an authentic environment.
    Generally, topics have an Irish flavour and deal with Irish life and culture. The contents of the lessons will be agreed in consultation with the accompanying group leaders and according to the level of the students and the school type which they attend.

    Project Weeks

    In addition to English tuition the students can work on projects (which they can prepare in their home countries or start in school in Dublin). Very popular project themes are topics involving Irish life and culture such as Irish history, sport, music, religion, youth, tourism, the Celtic Tiger, EU etc.

    ESP Language Weeks

    ESP (English for Special Purposes) programmes are aimed at students of vocational schools who wish to study special subject areas (such as tourism, business, farming, engineering etc.). Tuition focuses on special areas and vocabulary building in the subject. Field trips, project work and site visits can also be arranged.

    Special interest areas and exam preparation can be done in class for all closed groups. It is also possible to sit one of the international exams.

    Ireland Sightseeing Trips

    A language stay can also be combined with a cultural sightseeing trip through Ireland. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather unforgettable impressions.
    Several variations and combinations are possible during your stay.

    Please consult with us!
    We will arrange the most suitable course for your group, the best combinations for project work and field trips, visits, day trips and bus tours through Ireland´s most beautiful countryside and coastline.

    Send an e-mail with your enquiry to info@discover-english.eu

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