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    We offer English language courses at all levels to suit students at every stage in their learning experience. You can explore the following English courses to learn more about studying and learning in Dublin:

    Live and learn – Standard Course (STD)

    This course is suitable for all who want to learn English and still have time for leisure and sightseeing. Learn more…

    Intensive English Courses

    These courses are mixed courses combining the standard course with 20 lessons per week  in the mornings with either 5 or 10 private lessons per week in the afternoons.  Intensive courses are especially designed for students who want or need to improve their language skills rapidly. If you have to prepare for exams or for business meetings or conferences, you will find these courses very suitable. Learn more…

    Golden Oldies Courses – Learning at third age/ 55+

    This course is the perfect course for students over 55 to join a special English course which takes different language levels into account and caters especially for the interests of the participants of the particular group. Language tuition with a good mix of sightseeing and cultural activities. Learn more…

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    TIE Exam

    The original TIE Exam

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