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    Work Experience and Language Programmes

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    Work Experience in Ireland offers students an opportunity to improve their English and gain work experience. There is a programme for most combinations of language and work – paid and unpaid. School groups, individuals, students and adults will find a course to suit, whether long term or for as little as two weeks.

    ESP Language and Work Experience for groups

    Vocational schools and colleges especially have the need to provide language skills and work experience (practical application) for their students.
    After a short induction, students are placed in different work areas (unpaid) where communication with colleagues and/or clients is possible – such as shops, hotels, offices etc. In addition evening classes are arranged where English lessons will brush up the students´ language skills and also focus on vocabulary and phrases as needed at work.
    Upon satisfactory completion of the course the students will receive not only a certificate for the completed English course but also a certificate for the work experience itself.
    At the weekend day tours to places of interest can be arranged for the group. Leisure and cultural activities such as Irish dance evenings or sightseeing can also be added.
    A minimum of 2 weeks is necessary to
    complete this programme.

    EU- FUNDING is possible – see
    Please contact your national agency

    Long Stay Programmes – Please consult with us!

    Work Experience can be one way to combine a long term stay with training in the English language. This is an option for individual students who want to stay abroad for a year or more and who would like to finance their studies through the workplace (mostly catering, shops etc).
    Please note that placement or kind of work will mostly depend on the students´ language abilities and therefore can not be guaranteed in advance.
    Starting out with a language programme and preparation for the job interview the student will be well equipped to master everyday work situations.

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